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Trump & GOP Congress Deliver

Gary Bauer · Dec. 20, 2017

Republican congressional leaders will join President Trump at the White House shortly to celebrate a big victory — passage of the historic tax cut and tax reform law. This is the first major tax overhaul since the Reagan years, and it will be a big boost for the American people and American businesses.

The bad news is that the left-wing media have convinced many Americans that they will see no benefit from this plan. Many Americans have been convinced their taxes will go up.

The good news is that the Left cannot repeal reality. The great bulk of Americans will get a tax cut.

  • Tax brackets have been lowered.

  • The standard deduction has been doubled.

  • The child tax credit has been doubled.

  • Corporate and small business tax rates have been cut.

  • Obamacare’s individual mandate has been repealed.

Even The Washington Post had to concede these facts: “8 in 10 Americans will pay lower taxes next year, according to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center’s analysis of the final bill. Only 5 percent of people will pay more.”

Over the next six months, as more and more Americans notice bigger paychecks, the Left is going to have some explaining to do.

On the corporate side, the Left knows that corporate tax cuts are not popular, which is why they keep demonizing them. The Left claims it supports workers, but you cannot have workers without businesses/employers. FedEx is just one example of how this works.

According to The Wall Street Journal, FedEx, which is already having a good year, “announced adjusted earnings for the 2018 fiscal year ending May 31 of $12.70 to $13.30 a share… That could jump to $17.10 to $18.80 a share” based on the new changes in the tax code.

That’s a big boost to the bottom line!

Those increased profits mean its dividend will likely be increased. And, even if you are not an active investor, perhaps your company 401(k) plan owns FedEx stock. More importantly, FedEx may use some of this new capital to expand its operations. That means buying more trucks and hiring more workers. The chain goes on and on.

The Obama administration routinely attacked American businesses. It seemed like a new industry was under assault every week. Big media and the Left never appreciated the fact that Obama’s constant assaults — whether legislative, legal, regulatory or personal — were a key reason why he never had a single year of normal three percent growth.

Good News on Life

2017 was not a good year for the abortion industry. LifeNews.com reports that 49 abortion clinics closed this year and 77% of all such facilities have shut down since 1991. Now that is good news!

Unfortunately, radical judges seem to believe that the Constitution requires YOU — the American taxpayer — to pay for abortions … for illegal immigrants. On Monday, a federal judge ordered the Trump administration to transport two “unaccompanied alien children” to an abortion clinic. (It turns out that one of the women is in fact 19.)

That marks the third time this year that this judge, an Obama appointee, has ordered the government to facilitate an abortion for an illegal immigrant.

I am pleased to report that the Trump administration is appealing to the Supreme Court for obvious reasons. Nothing in the Constitution guarantees illegal immigrants the right to taxpayer-funded abortions!

Something Extraordinary

I don’t know if you saw it, but I happened to be watching press coverage of a White House cabinet meeting this afternoon. Housing Secretary Dr. Ben Carson was leading the cabinet in prayer. I can’t recall the last time I saw cabinet secretaries praying together on national television! The anti-religion crowd will throw a fit!

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