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The Left's Behavior of Late Is Unworthy of Elected Officials

James Shott · Sep. 18, 2018

Many Democrats and liberals are driving themselves and everyone else crazy over Donald Trump. It’s not because he’s so bad but because they simply don’t like him, and as president good things have been accomplished.

Sure, he’s far out of the mainstream of recent presidents, although there is history on his side of presidents behaving ungentlemanly. And he is objectionably crass at times in his public comments on Twitter. His thin-skinned responses are often brattish.

This behavior greatly aggravates what seems the likely basis for the Left’s historic hysterics: Trump, whose candidacy was laughed at and roundly ridiculed, won the election, beating 16 Republican hopefuls as well as the person whose turn it was to be POTUS and who would be the first of her gender to hold that office. They haven’t been able to muster the character needed to accept the decision of the American people.

This reaction to Trump has resulted in at least one dramatic turnaround: Once a major source of fun and comedy — with folks like Johnny Carson, Don Rickles, Rodney Dangerfield, Robin Williams, and others — TV, particularly late-night TV, has become dreck, and humor these days comes instead from a former president who thinks he was the greatest.

The worst thing on this earth for the Left is for Trump to succeed by doing almost the exact opposite of what leftists want for the country. The economy is good, jobs are being created, worker satisfaction is up, unemployment is down, and people like those “crummy” tax cuts, to name a few things.

And then there is the Neil Gorsuch confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court and now the Brett Kavanaugh nomination.

The horror of merely imagining what might happen with two new justices who understand and follow the language and meaning of the Constitution and our laws is great, indeed, for the Left. This judicial philosophy is a substantial barrier to its desire to transform America into a virtual opposite of its original design, the greatness and originality of which are unmatched in history.

And so the Left designed methods to disrupt the hearing and delay the process of confirmation.

Leftists scripted disruptive questions by committee members in the first minute of the formal hearing. There were also screaming protests from employed protesters as well as demands for even more documents on Kavanaugh’s past judicial performance, the latter to satisfy Democrat committee members who pledged, before he had even been chosen, to vote against the nominee. They asked foolish questions and falsely bragged of an “I am Spartacus” moment.

As of Sept. 4, the number of “demanded” documents that had been provided was 2.5 times that of any other nominee. But, of course, if Democrats can’t see everything related to him, he’s not qualified. Conceivably, they would like to see Kavanaugh’s elementary school notes passed to classmates.

Committee Democrats and the hired hands did themselves proud. They were perfect clowns in the confirmation hearing, sans the floppy shoes and bulbous noses, behaving like fifth-graders (with apologies to actual fifth-graders).

But even with the self-satisfaction they experienced, the best was yet to come. There was another trick up their sleeve — the September Surprise — which was needed since their previous plan failed to convince the Republican majority to ditch the nomination or to delay the process while new obstructions were developed.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) delivered the prize. She had a letter accusing Kavanaugh of some sort of improper relationship with a girl in high school more than three decades ago. Initially, the accuser insisted on remaining anonymous, and details were not provided. The letter had been in Feinstein’s possession for about three months. Then suddenly, at almost the last possible moment, the accuser agrees to go public.

Feinstein turned it over to the FBI for investigation, and Democrats, having been given a heart transplant to prolong the life of their desperate attempt, want delays or, better yet, a withdrawal from the nominee.

It is possible there is truth behind this accusation. But this last-minute development raises several questions. If Kavanaugh’s alleged behavior actually happened, why wasn’t it important enough to report it 36 years ago? If it was actually a valid complaint, why provide the letter but not allow its use during the hearing when the committee was looking for the good and bad things about Kavanaugh? After six FBI background checks on Kavanaugh for federal positions, why did this never come up?

At best, this event looks bad. It’s a case of “she said, he said,” and there seems to be no actual evidence. It supports the idea that Democrats are in desperation mode. Even Feinstein’s home-state newspaper, the San Francisco Chronicle, criticized her.

Before this accusation came along, two of Kavanaugh’s former law clerks enthusiastically supported the way he treated them. And since the accusation, 65 women from his past have signed a letter of support for his treatment of females.

Whether Kavanaugh is confirmed or not, let us hope that this is the last episode of this circus-like behavior that Americans are subjected to.

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