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Two Debates, One Rally

Gary Bauer · Aug. 3, 2019

The two nights of Democrat debates produced a lot of hot air about socialism and climate change, but no ideas on economic growth. Several candidates tried to outdo one another on open borders. And they offered nothing that would help America’s inner cities.

At a rally in Ohio Thursday night, President Trump talked about the great strides that are being made by his economic policies, saying:

“We’ve created six million new jobs since Election Day… More than seven million Americans have been lifted off of food stamps… Unemployment has reached the lowest rate in over half a century, and unemployment for African Americans, Hispanic Americans and Asian Americans have all reached the lowest rates ever recorded.”

He threw down the gauntlet, vowing to compete with the Democrats over America’s urban minority vote. He blasted the condition of America’s inner cities after decades of one party control.

He told the Ohio audience that the “rage-filled” socialists care more about illegal immigrants than they do native born Americans living in our cities.

The left’s media allies sense the danger that Trump might cut into the Democrat Party’s support among black and Hispanic voters, which is why they are working overtime to convince Americans that the president is a racist.

As you know, there were concerns going into last night’s rally that Trump’s enthusiastic fans might break into chants. Alas, for many on the left, there was spontaneous chanting that rose up from the deplorable crowd.

They kept yelling, “USA! USA! USA!” – you know, the country the left continually trashes as having been built on racism and genocide.

A Striking Contrast

If you think about Republican primaries or debates, it’s not uncommon for a candidate to slam his opponent for being soft on crime.

But in the Democrat debates, Joe Biden, Cory Booker and Kamala Harris were attacked because they were too tough on crime. That speaks volumes about today’s Democrat Party.

Republicans are proud to be law and order candidates, while Democrats have seemingly embraced a “no law and disorder” message. The left is extremely vulnerable on this issue.

Over the years, the left has chosen powerful teachers unions over the minority children trapped in failed inner city schools. When forced to choose between the criminals and their inner city victims, the left’s definition of being “pro-minority” was to side with the criminals.

While Republicans have always fought for school choice and safe streets, Donald Trump is taking the fight to the left in a way no one else ever has. And it’s driving the left nuts!

America First

Trump continues to mystify his critiques with a strong America First foreign policy. Let’s start with China.

The president announced yesterday that he will impose an additional 10% tariff on $300 billion of imported Chinese products beginning September 1. The announcement came in response to Beijing’s backtracking in the trade talks.

Washington’s corporate elite don’t like the president’s tough stand against China, but the Chinese are taking a huge hit (here and here) and, as the Wall Street Journal notes, Beijing is running out of options. Thankfully we have a president who is putting American workers first.

The Trump Administration announced it that is withdrawing from a dead-end arms control treaty with Russia because Moscow was not complying its terms. This was not a rash action on the president’s part. Trump gave Putin six months to comply and he did not. A senior administration official told Fox News:

“Russia alone is to blame for this situation. We have taken every opportunity – dozens and dozens of opportunities across two administrations – to bring Russia back into compliance… They are a serial violator of arms control agreements.”

And there’s more. Yesterday, the president slapped Russia with a second round of sanctions for its use of chemical weapons in the attempted assassination of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal.

Cancelling an arms control treaty and imposing additional sanctions. Those aren’t the actions of “Putin’s puppet” or a “Russian asset.” Those are the actions of a president who is putting America’s national security first.

Finally, there are reports today that the administration is preparing to bring thousands of troops home from Afghanistan. Hardline NeverTrumpers are screeching in opposition, accusing Trump of making a mistake and insisting that he is not “finishing the job.”

U.S. forces have been dying in Afghanistan for 18 years. If “finishing the job” means defeating the Taliban, we will be there for the next century and hundreds of thousands of additional soldiers will have to be deployed. There is no stomach for that.

After all the help we have poured into that country, if the Afghan people and the Afghan government cannot defeat the Taliban, we cannot do it for them. It’s time to bring the troops home and let them defend our borders rather than Afghanistan’s.

This president campaigned on getting us out of no-win endless wars, and he is doing just that.

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