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The Hate Continues

Gary Bauer · Aug. 7, 2019

Sunday night, radical left-wing demonstrators gathered outside the home of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. They were protesting McConnell’s opposition to undermining Second Amendment rights in the aftermath of the El Paso and Dayton shootings.

This was no polite protest. McConnell is recovering from a broken shoulder sustained during a recent fall. No mercy was evident here though. These intolerant thugs put their hatred on full display.

One of the protesters shouted, “F— your thoughts and prayers, Mitch. F— you, f— your wife, f— everything you stand for!” Another yelled, “Just stab the motherf—er in the heart, please!”

According to Fox News, the hashtag “#MassacreMoscowMitch” was trending last night.

Will the New York Times, the Washington Post or Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer condemn this disgusting behavior and the left’s hate toward Sen. McConnell and his wife? Don’t hold your breath.

Responding to the calls for more regulation, McConnell said in a statement:

“[T]he president called on Congress to work in a bipartisan, bicameral way to address the recent mass murders which have shaken our nation. Senate Republicans are prepared to do our part.”

In related news, three times in the past two days, Rep. Rashida Tlaib has tweeted her contempt for people offering their thoughts and prayers for victims of the El Paso and Dayton shootings.

Of course, she’s not the only one demonstrating such contempt for men and women of faith. But what is the left accomplishing by spewing its anti-religious bigotry in the wake of such tragedies? Why is prayer now so controversial and offensive to the left?

The Left’s Narrative

As you know, there were two horrible shootings in 24 hours. The El Paso shooter was driven mostly by his anger that massive illegal immigration would ruin his life.

The left and its media allies have attempted to blame the El Paso shootings on President Trump and by extension anyone who supports common sense border security.

But the killer also embraced left-wing views on the environment, population control and corporate America, all of which the media are ignoring.

The Dayton shooter was a full-blown left-wing fanatic. He was an avowed socialist. He supported Antifa. He liked Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. He was also the lead singer in a dark, demented heavy metal band. (CNN is finally beginning to report these facts.)

In any normal country, the media narrative would be this: “America just saw the danger of growing right-wing and left-wing extremism.”

That would be the fairest, most reasonable way to describe what happened over the weekend. But that is not how it has been described, and I don’t think I need to explain why.

Here’s something else to keep in mind. There is a lot of rhetoric right now about “white supremacist terrorism.” The front page of today’s Washington Post declares, “Amid Threat From Far Right, A Call To Shift Security Focus.” The point of the story is that we should stop worrying about radical Islamic terrorism and go after the KKK.

That is ridiculous. We can deal with radicalized domestic terrorists on the left and the right. We must also continue to be vigilant against radical Islamists, who on one day in 2001 killed more Americans than terrorist attacks of all kinds since then.

One last point. The funerals for the El Paso and Dayton victims haven’t been held yet and already the Democrat National Committee and multiple Democrat candidates are fundraising on top of the corpses.

You Are The Target

Obviously the progressive socialist left and the Resistance have been waging war against Donald Trump from the moment he came down the escalator, through the election and every day since he has been in office.

But please, my friends, do not make the mistake of thinking this is all about Donald Trump. It’s not. Trump is merely a proxy for you.

Consider these ten statements.

If America doesn’t secure its border you can’t be a country.

When borders are open, criminals, drug dealers and even terrorists will try to come in.

Most of the people illegally entering the country are not bringing skills America needs. Many are largely unskilled laborers and will likely end up on public assistance and straining limited taxpayer resources.

America is the greatest country in the history of the world, and we should always put America’s interests before those of any other nation.

An unborn child is a human being and it should not be acceptable to kill that innocent child.

America will never be a socialist nation.

Judges should not legislate from the bench.

Families should be free to choose the educational option — public, private, charter, magnet, religious, or home school — that is best for their children.

We should respect law enforcement, our troops in uniform and our flag.

Our freedoms are not gifts from government, but come from God.

I know that virtually everyone reading this report agrees with those statements. So does Donald Trump. He has articulated every one of those thoughts.

The reason the left hates Donald Trump so much is that he says these things more boldly than any previous Republican president ever has. And he is acting on them.

The left is not only trying to destroy him, they are trying to make it impossible to ever debate these things without being labeled a Nazi, a racist or a white supremacist, even though millions of Americans of all races believe in limited government, school choice, religious liberty, the sanctity of life, secure borders and respect for law enforcement.

In fact, they don’t even want you to be able to rally around those issues. Sen. Cory Booker’s campaign is demanding that Trump hold no more of his vintage rallies because, his campaign charged, the rallies promote white supremacy.

Heroes Amid The Horror

There were many heroes amid the horror of the El Paso and Dayton shootings. We may never know all the good deeds that were done, all the selfless sacrifices that were made. But we do know a few and they deserve our attention, our honor, our prayers and our thanks.

  • Jordan Anchondo, 25, and her husband, Andre, 24, were shot to death, protecting their two month-old son from the gunfire.

  • David Alvah Johnson, 63, died while shielding his wife and nine year-old granddaughter.

  • Chris Grant, who was shot twice after throwing water bottles at the El Paso shooter trying to district him.

  • Customs and Border Protection Officer Donna Sifford, who got Grant to an ambulance. “I’ll forever be indebted to her because I honestly think she saved my life,” Grant said.

  • Gilbert Serna, a dedicated Walmart employee who led more than 100 people to safety, hiding them in a shipping container, and then going to look for more people to rescue.

  • Private Glendon Oakley, Jr., was shopping in the El Paso mall when he heard gunfire. As he ran out of a Footlocker store, he saw several children separated from their parents. “I didn’t even think. I just grabbed as many kids as I could and ran,” Oakley said.

  • The police officers and first responders of El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. Like Oakley, they didn’t think about themselves as they ran toward the gunfire. In Dayton, officers took the shooter down quickly, saving many more lives.

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