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Planned Parenthood Exposes Itself

Gary Bauer · Aug. 21, 2019

As you may recall, the Trump administration has reinstated tough regulations from the Reagan era that prohibit family-planning clinics receiving federal funding under Title X from promoting abortions.

After losing several preliminary cases in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Planned Parenthood announced Monday that it was withdrawing from the Title X program if it could not use those tax dollars to promote abortion. That’s great news! I couldn’t help but notice the irony, however.

Throughout this debate, Planned Parenthood has claimed that if it is denied Title X funding, women’s health-care services would suffer, and Planned Parenthood insists that providing health-care services is the main reason it exists.

Obviously, that was a lie, as Planned Parenthood voluntarily withdrew from the program.

Once it lost the fight to block the administration’s rule, Planned Parenthood exposed its real priority. It will not in any way compromise its ability to destroy innocent unborn children. It would rather give up millions of dollars than abort one less baby.

And let’s be clear about this. The government has no money that it does not get from you. So Planned Parenthood is no longer using your money to conduct its jihad against defenseless unborn children. And that is a good thing!

In reality, Planned Parenthood is two things: the biggest abortion mill in the country, and one of the most powerful political action committees in the country. You can bet it will be out in full force in 2020, working overtime to defeat the pro-life Trump/Pence ticket.

Planned Parenthood Loses Again

The abortion group has taken a number of legal hits lately. In Arizona last week, Planned Parenthood was ordered to pay $3 million for firing a whistleblower in 2017.

Mayra Rodriguez worked for Planned Parenthood for 17 years and managed three clinics during that time. But she also witnessed an alarming disregard for the law and accepted medical practice by Planned Parenthood’s abortionists.

Yet when she attempted to address these issues with her superiors, they ignored her or retaliated against her. Eventually, Rodriguez was fired.

Rodriquez compared Planned Parenthood’s deception to a cheating spouse, saying:

You know when you have been married to a person for 17 years and you find out they have been cheating on you. That deception that you feel in your heart? That is how I felt… It is about women’s safety and about caring for women.

As The Daily Caller noted, Rodriquez’s experience with Planned Parenthood is similar to Abby Johnson’s, whose story is the subject of the movie “Unplanned.” If you haven’t seen “Unplanned” yet, I encourage you to do so.

Unfortunately, their experiences are not uncommon, as nearly 100 clinic workers have contacted Johnson’s organization, And Then There Were None, since “Unplanned” was released.

Fighting for Normalcy

Here’s more good news. The Trump administration is taking steps to uphold the plain language of the law and reverse Obama-era rulings that pandered to progressive demands.

Specifically, the Justice Department is now siding with the Christian owner of a funeral home who terminated a transgendered employee for violating the business’s dress code. “Maintaining a professional dress code that is not distracting to grieving families is an essential industry requirement,” the owner insisted.

Unfortunately, the Obama administration disagreed and ruled that federal laws intended to protect women from discrimination also applied to men who claim to be women. I guarantee you that when Title VII of the Civil Rights Act was passed, no one had crossdressers in mind.

The case will be argued before the Supreme Court in its upcoming term, which begins in October, and it obviously has tremendous implications for religious liberty.

In a separate but related case, the Gloucester County School Board in rural eastern Virginia is appealing a ruling by an Obama-appointed judge who declared that transgendered students can pick and choose whatever bathroom they want to use.

As you may recall, the Obama administration ordered all schools to accommodate this radical demand. Thankfully, the Trump administration rescinded Obama’s order and Gloucester County is continuing to defend the privacy rights of its students.

Rooting for Recession?

Listening to coverage of the economy lately, I am getting the distinct impression that the left is attempting to talk us into a recession. Vice President Mike Pence addressed the gloom and doom from the “nattering nabobs of negativism” at the Detroit Economic Club on Monday. Pence said:

Despite the irresponsible rhetoric of many in the mainstream media, the American economy is strong, and the U.S. economic outlook remains strong as well. Now, last week … leading retailers also reported strong sales and earnings, and consumer spending posted its strongest reading since March.

Why would anyone be rooting for a recession? It’s no laughing matter when people lose their jobs, but Bill Maher is begging for one because it would doom Trump’s chances for reelection.

Many left-wing commentators hoping for an economic downturn also suggest with a straight face that the recovery should be credited to Obama. But Obama repeatedly said the recovery couldn’t happen and that manufacturing jobs weren’t coming back. 

You can do something by preparing for a rainy day because rainy days do come. But do not fall for the gloom and doom of the chattering class that is blinded by Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Trump Running Strong

While the left-wing media are cheerleading for the Resistance, President Trump is running strong against the top-tier Democrat candidates in hypothetical 2020 matchups. Here are the results from the latest Zogby Analytics poll:

  • Trump leads Pete Buttigieg 45% to 42%.
  • Trump leads Elizabeth Warren 45% to 43%.
  • Trump leads Kamala Harris 44% to 42%.
  • Trump leads Bernie Sanders 45% to 44%.
  • Trump leads Joe Biden 46% to 45%.
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