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Vandalizing Our History

Gary Bauer · Feb. 19, 2020

Over the weekend, someone vandalized Plymouth Rock and several historical monuments to the Pilgrims in Plymouth, Massachusetts. These attacks on our history come as Plymouth prepares to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower’s landing.

I don’t think this latest outrage can be viewed in isolation. A few years ago, there was vandalism of Civil War memorials. President Trump warned it wouldn’t end there. 

The Lincoln Memorial was vandalized. President Andrew Jackson's tomb in Tennessee was vandalized. A statue of Thomas Jefferson was vandalized. A monument to Francis Scott Key, author of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” was attacked. The Betsy Ross flag is now considered a symbol of racism by many leftists. 

And, of course, the left’s reaction to the phrase “Make America Great Again” is also very revealing. You can understand why some might take issue with a particular policy or say, “There’s nothing in your agenda to do that." 

But that’s not what many leftists are saying. No, their objection is that "America was never great” in the first place. Why is the left so eager to denigrate and tear down our country?

I hope authorities in historic Jamestown and Williamsburg, Virginia, took note of what happened this weekend in Plymouth and are adding security. 

What horrible event took place at Plymouth? There were no slaves there. The people vandalizing Plymouth Rock are making the statement that the whole American experiment is evil. They are the barbarians inside the gates.

Not long ago, we taught our children an idealized version of our founders, which is, quite frankly, what a healthy society does. You want to place the creators of a nation on a pedestal. 

Then we slid into barely teaching about the founders at all. Now, we’re teaching again. But instead of putting the founders on a pedestal, we’re teaching that they were all evil, and, by the way, they were all white. We’re teaching our future leaders that the world would have been better off if there never had been an America.

Younger generations of Americans are rejecting the idea of American exceptionalism and increasingly embracing the left’s radical view of our country. Polling finds that our nation’s youth are much more likely to believe that other countries are better than America. Why? Because they’ve been taught to believe that.

President Trump and Vice President Pence are fighting against this every way they can. In the long run, whether our nation survives may well depend on this battle more than many of their other noteworthy accomplishments.

Bloomberg’s Blunders

Former New York City Mayor and billionaire activist Michael Bloomberg has qualified to appear in tonight’s Democrat debate in Las Vegas, Nevada. He did so by finishing second at 19% in the latest NPR/PBS/Marist poll.

Sen. Bernie Sanders was first at 31%, followed by Bloomberg at 19%, former Vice President Joe Biden at 15%, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren at 12%. No other candidate received double-digit support.

If he appears on stage tonight, it will mark Bloomberg’s first appearance in a Democrat debate, and that is another controversy all by itself. But that’s the least of Bloomberg’s problems.

The candidate has taken hits in recent days for allegedly racist and sexist remarks. Now, he’s been caught bashing farmers and blue-collar workers.

Speaking in Oxford, England, about the technological changes in the economy, Bloomberg dismissed farmers and blue-collar workers as ignorant. He said:

I could teach anybody … to be a farmer… You dig a hole, you put a seed in, you put dirt on top, add water, up comes the corn. You could learn that… Now comes the information economy and [it] is fundamentally different… You have to have a different skill set. You have to have a lot more gray matter.

Just in case there was any confusion, Bloomberg thinks any idiot can be a farmer but to move gigabytes around you need to be a genius. It shows what he thinks about the Heartland of the country, and likely why he skipped the Iowa caucuses. 

There’s no questioning the value of IT workers in today’s modern economy. But people also like to be able to eat too!

I know many people are worried about Bloomberg’s bank account. He’s doing his best to literally buy the election, already outspending all the major candidates combined. But in many ways, Bloomberg is the best foil for Trump because he is the epitome of an elite globalist versus Trump’s conservative/populism.

Is America Ready?

In 2016, many commentators made a huge effort to promote the “historic candidacy” of Hillary Clinton and just how wonderful it would be for her to be the first female president of the United States. 

Do you hear anyone in the mainstream media proclaiming how historic Pete Buttigieg’s candidacy is, as the first serious gay contender? No. They don’t emphasize it because they suspect America isn’t ready for that.

But the left is intent on calling anyone who raises the question a bigot. In fact, when Rush Limbaugh merely posed the question last week, the left and its media allies went nuts. 

While polling shows that most Americans would vote for a homosexual candidate, in my view, Buttigieg’s sexuality is relevant because of the policy positions he has taken. He has made it clear that the issue is personal to him and that he will operate on the belief that the demands of the gay-rights movement and the transgender movement should trump religious liberty. 

Buttigieg has made it a point to redefine what Christianity teaches not only on marriage but also on the sanctity of life.

Trump Takes a Victory Lap

In stark contrast to Mike Bloomberg’s mocking remarks about farmers, Donald Trump proved once again that he is the candidate of Middle America. This weekend, Trump made history by becoming the first sitting president to serve as the grand marshal of the Daytona 500.

Air Force One flew low and slow over the race track, and then the president and first lady took a “victory lap” in the presidential limousine, affectionately known as “The Beast." 

NASCAR fans loved it! The crowd roared, and TV viewership hit a five-year high.

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