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Burt Prelutsky · Sep. 12, 2020

Amid much fanfare, Joe Biden left his Delaware bunker long enough to travel to Kenosha, Wisconsin, and pretend he cared if Jacob Blake, Jr., would ever walk again.

Although like every other black man who ever runs afoul of the cops, Blake has been canonized as a saint, he was facing charges of domestic violence and sexual assault when he was shot while apparently reaching for a knife in his car.

The fact remains that the one thing that Biden’s condolence visit to the Blakes accomplished was to provide Jacob Blake, Sr., with a gigantic megaphone.

Although like his son, Blake is being portrayed as something he is not — in his case, a civil rights leader — he is in fact a 300-pound creep. And Biden was an irresponsible fool to give him a platform from which to spew his hatred of white people in general and, specifically, Jews.

He is a proud acolyte of Louis Farrakhan and calls black Republicans “coons;” refers to white Americans as “crackers;” writes about “pink toe Jews that control the interest rate, control the media, control minds and control the money;” and who, last Christmas, celebrated the occasion by posting on social media a picture of Jesus floating in a toilet bowl.

Frankly, I don’t know how he found out about me, but obviously someone I trusted snitched to Blake about my Jewish super powers. Now I suppose, like my pals Clark Kent, Billy Batson and Bruce Wayne, I, too, will have to assume a secret identity.

Still, I have to wonder how he found out about my little pink toes.

I would suggest that his campaign team do a better job of vetting the next time they decide Joe Biden needs to make new friends.

Come to think of it, I’d suggest the same to Jacob Blake. Spending time with Louis Farrakhan is one thing, but at least he’s black. But once you begin hanging around with white politicians, people are going to begin talking.

But Blake is just one more black hypocrite. If you look around, you’ll find that the streets are filled with them.

I’ll explain by comparing blacks to Jews. Until 2012, Israeli orchestras were not allowed to perform the works of Richard Wagner in Israel. It was strictly verboten.

That’s because he was, one, a notorious anti-Semite; two, Adolph Hitler’s favorite composer; and, three, it was his overblown musical tripe that was played over the P.A. systems in Nazi concentration camps. Perhaps, dying was something of a relief for the poor souls who had to listen to that crap day after day.

Because of what Volkswagens and Mercedes-Benzes represented, there are still Jews who refuse to buy or even ride in the cars.

But you don’t see blacks, no matter how much they hate white people, who refuse to take advantage of the inventions and creations of the white race.

You certainly never see them refusing to take the meds that exist because of white people or refuse to be operated on by white people, often Jews, who are no better liked by most blacks than they are by Jacob Blake.

Jews knew the Nazis were devils and acted accordingly.

But when it comes to anti-white black people, their hatred seems to come and go, depending on the amount of inconvenience it might cause them.

They certainly don’t deny themselves any of the goods, services or unfair advantages — including welfare and Affirmative Action — provided by white society.

God knows their contempt for cops doesn’t prevent their calling the cops when they’re robbed, assaulted and shot at, by their fellow blacks.

What’s more, since they could easily escape to Mexico or Canada, I have concluded that it’s high time we stopped taking their whining so seriously.

The obvious fact is that there is a sizable segment of the black urban population that enjoys breaking, burning and stealing things that belong to other people, and they’ve discovered that if they use the cops as scapegoats, stupid white people and hack politicians of both races will react predictably. That is to say, dumb whites will be made to feel guilty and left-wing politicians will take advantage of the situation by pandering to the violent cretins and assuring them that their phony grievances justify their criminal activities.

When I heard that if you google antifa.com, it will take you directly to the Biden-Harris campaign site, I dismissed it as a clumsy lie that could be easily disproven. So I set out to disprove it. Imagine my surprise when I googled antifa.com and up popped the odd couple, providing me with the opportunity to donate up to $2,800 to help them evict Donald Trump from the White House.

Andrew Cuomo announced that the President of the United States couldn’t walk safely on the streets of New York City.

I suspect that Donald Trump could walk safely down any street in America and pity the poor schnook who tries to stop him. Those aren’t social workers protecting him.

The problem, Governor Cuomo, is that thanks to people like you and Mayor di Blasio, it’s the taxpayers of New York City who can’t walk safely on the streets of their hometown.

Which explains why so many of them are moving to Florida, Texas and North Carolina, and taking your tax base with them.

I suppose it’s just their natural instincts that prevent politicians from ever just admitting they got caught taking advantage of their position by doing something naughty. It’s the instinct that compelled Richard Nixon to stonewall the world when a few zealots decided to find out how Democrats were plotting to lose a presidential election by the widest margin in American history.

Today, we have Nancy Pelosi turning a slightly embarrassing incident into a full-blown scandal. All she needed to do was say, “Oops, you caught me.”

Instead, she tried to throw the woman who owns the beauty salon under a San Francisco trolley, opening her up to death threats from her neighbors. Then she tried to make us believe that she, a resident of California, a state that her nephew, the governor, has had on lockdown for six months, was unaware that beauty salons were closed to everyone who isn’t Nancy Pelosi.

And, finally, Madam Speaker had to try to convince us that she entered the E Salon without noticing the large notice on the front door announcing that it was closed until further notice.

There are people who will refuse to see a movie or watch a TV show if any of the most out-spoken Never-Trumpers — people like Robert DeNiro, Barbra Streisand, Jimmy Kimmel, George Clooney, Ron Howard, John Cusack, Rosie O'Donnell, Debra Messing, Rosanna Arquette and Alec Baldwin — are involved.

Since I’m not a fan of most of these people, their politics annoy me, but I tend not to take the opinions of stupid people to heart.

However, I have been a fan of Daniel Silva, a novelist who has written a series of books about an Israeli character named Gabriel Allon. Allon started out as a young art restorer whose life took a sharp turn when he was one of those commissioned by his government to track down and kill the Arabs guilty of murdering the members of Israel’s Olympic team in Munich.

Over the years, Allon has aged, married, had children and, eventually, became chief of Israeli intelligence. He continues to hunt down and execute his nation’s enemies, but now as the head of a team.

I have just finished his latest, “The Order.” It was bad enough that there were veiled attacks on Trump and unveiled support of the climate change adherents. But at the end of the book, where authors typically thank those who have helped him write a book, generally consisting of historians, chemists, archaeologists, members of law enforcement, etc., who have provided him with the necessary expertise to write knowledgably about things they know little or nothing about.

But Silva has expanded things to include tributes to his nearest and dearest, a lengthy list of left-wing, Trump-hating, media figures including Bob Woodward, Henry Winkler, Andrew Lack, Debra Messing, Noah Oppenheim, Dick Ebersol, Andy Lassner, the Arquette sisters, Peggy Noonan, Elsa Walsh, Alec Baldwin, Tom Nides, Michael Bass, Ron Howard, Phil Griffin, John Cusack, and Jeff Zucker.

Some of the names you no doubt recognize. The others belong to the people who run outfits like CNN, MSNBC and major banks, who are supporting Joe Biden, but would support the Ayatollah if he had copped the Democratic nomination.

So from here on out, Gabriel Allon will have to do what he has to do, but I will no longer be around to cheer him on.

That’s because one day, his farkakteh creator just might order him to take out the President of the United States, who, ironically, just happens to be the greatest benefactor Israel has ever had in the White House.

That’s one plot twist I can live without.

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