The Patriot Post Dictionary on Class Warfare

When debating the Democrat's tried and true class warfare politics of division and disparity, introduce these words to the political lexicon from the The Patriot Post Dictionary:

class — n. A group of individuals regarded as having certain attributes or interests in common.

classism — n. 1. Discrimination or prejudice based on economic status, assuming that the achievement of such status by means of free-enterprise capitalism constitutes economic injustice. 2. A political or social doctrine which divides one economic group from another with the objective of establishing the dominant interests of one economic class (the majority) over another (the minority). 3. Discrimination or prejudice having its origin in the Communist doctrine and Karl Marx's theme of “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” 4. The belief that economic status accounts for a differential in human worth, character or ability, and that a particular economic class standing is superior to others.

classist — n. & adj. 1. One who practices or is a proponent of classism. 2. Something based on the premise of classism.

class-card — n. Classist political rhetoric advocating the usurpation and redistribution of wealth by a central government.

hypocrite — n. The professing of beliefs or virtues which are inconsistent or contradict one’s beliefs or virtues in practice. [For example, opposing discrimination on the basis some intrinsic trait or characteristic (race or sex), while supporting discrimination on the basis of some extrinsic trait or characteristic (religious or economic status).] (For example, one who opposes racism while supporting classism.)

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