Kerry, Gun Control and Hunting

A Short Analysis of Kerry on Gun Control

Besides the cursory newspaper articles about how John has hunted since a child (a la Clinton in 1992), John Kerry espouses the belief that there should be reasonable controls placed upon gun ownership and availability. The only issue gun owners may have with this is that every restriction that comes along is reasonable to him. Like Clinton, the 2nd Amendment is about hunting. And like Clinton, he believes he should tell us what is reasonable and what we need. See his Voting Record.

A Short Analysis of Kerry on Hunting

Fall 2003, Iowa. John Kerry goes hunting and gets two birds and two shots. He does a little talking on how to best prepare the birds. Is this guy really a hunter? Does he really prep and eat what he hunts? Hint: The largest antihunting organization in the US, the Humane Society of the US, gives John a 100% score. See John Kerry & Hunting for more information.

Edwards, Gun Control & Hunting

John Edwards has much the same position on gun control as John Kerry. When he is voting, his votes are almost (but not completely) identical to Kerry's. Specifics are on the Voting Record page. On March 2, 2004, given that political realities in North Carolina are different than Massachusetts, Edwards declined to vote rather than cross his Democratic peers or his gun owning constituents. In doing so he fails to represent his constituents and fails to demonstrate the courage of his convictions. On the plus side, he did not stab his constituents in the back. Go to Edwards - Sportsman? for a transcript of and interview of John Edwards by the Charlotte Observer with respect to gun ownership, hunting and fishing.

Guns As An Issue

One could say that gun control is not the most important issue in any race. But, it is an effective measuring point with respect to the candidate's:

  • Honesty because so many politicians want to position themselves on both sides of the issue for votes.

  • Ability to trust the American people because politicians that don't trust a populace with guns should not be trusted.
  • and Respect for the Constitution because that is where their duty lies. The Oath of Office is the first act of any newly elected, federal level politician. Each office holder swears to "support and defend the Constitution." How can you defend what you don't believe in? Should not those office holders that violate their oath of office be impeached?

Failure in any of these three respects leaves us with a politician that wants to control us and not represent us.

Why the Gun Issue Under 'Sportsmen'?

The concept of a 'sportsmen' encompasses a great deal more than just the hunting issue. There is open space such as BLM land and National Parks. There are the environmental issues associated with the nation. There is fishing, hiking, recreational boating and a thousand other activities that can be considered.

But, the gun issue goes to the heart of a candidate's commitment to the Constitution. Kerry recognizes hunting as the only legitimate use for a gun. He hopes that by not going after bolt action rifles and long barrel shotguns, the 'sportsmen' of the US will not recognize him for the gun grabber that he is.

Examine the Kennedy Amendment. No. 2619 and recognize that it could outlaw every round legal for large game hunting. Today's hunting rifle will be tomorrow's sniper weapon only designed to be so accurate so as to kill people from long distances.

A Quick Reality

  • Claims to represent gun owners and believe in the 2nd Amendment.
  • Voted for every major piece of gun control legislation since taking office.
  • Endorsed by major gun control organizations.
  • Endorsed by major antihunting organizations.
  • Reviled by all major gun rights organizations.

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