Veterans Oppose John Kerry

John Kerry's Band of Brothers?

Before and After

Touch the photo to see which Swift officers support John Kerry

The purpose of this photo is to correct the misleading use of our images -- against our will -- to further John Kerry's campaign.

This photograph of John Kerry and 19 other Coastal Division 11 Swift boat officers was taken at Ton Son Nhut Air Base on January 22, 1969, immediately following a meeting with General Abrams and Admiral Zumwalt.

The Kerry campaign featured the photograph in an advertisement released in May titled "Lifetime." Swift Boat Veterans for Truth has contacted surviving members of this group to find out how many actually support John Kerry, and discovered that of 19 Swift boat skippers pictured other than Kerry, 12 consider him unfit, 4 are neutral, two have died, and 1 is working with the Kerry campaign. Four other officers were not present for the photo session; all oppose Kerry.

Only 1 of John Kerry's 23 fellow Swift boat commanders from Coastal Division 11 supports his candidacy today.

Here's a breakdown of the Swift boat officers in the photo showing where they stand:

Don Bendell, Former Green Beret

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