The New Soldier

The picture at right is the ORIGINAL cover of John Kerry's book THE NEW SOLDIER. John Kerry's friends, the so called Vietnam Veterans Against the War, were mocking this scene photographed during the Second World War. 6,825 American boys died to plant that flag on Iwo Jima.

In JOHN KERRY's own words: "And so a New Soldier has returned to America, to a nation torn apart by the killing we were asked to do. But, unlike veterans of other wars and some of this one, the New Soldier does not accept the old myths. We will not quickly join those who march on Veteran's Day waving small flags, calling to memory those thousands who died for the "greater glory of the United States." "We will not readily join the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars...." "We will not uphold traditions which decorously memorialize that which was base and grim"

Excerpts taken from John Kerry's book THE NEW SOLDIER. They are the first few lines of the epilogue. Scroll down and read it yourself.

Just after JOHN KERRY came back from Vietnam, he wrote the book THE NEW SOLDIER. The book is out of print. John Kerry does not allow the publisher to reprint it. To make a rational decision on November 2, you need to have all available facts. You can now read John Kerry's THE NEW SOLDIER online for FREE.

John Kerry's infamous testimony before the senate in 1971 in which he stated that American soldiers in Vietnam were rapists and warcriminals can be read online too.


Read who exactly John Kerry's group the VIETNAM VETERANS AGAINST THE WAR are. Investigations have proved beyond a doubt that a lot of them were bogus "veterans".

Read three chapters of John O'Neill's book UNFIT FOR COMMAND online for FREE.

Read these chapters and buy the book. There is much more damning info in it about John F. Kerry. Buying the book will also give the writers a platform as bestselling authors to spread their message in the media. John O'Neill has said his royalties will go to a foundation, which helps the families of soldiers, who died serving this great country of ours.

Please feel free to spread this site to those Americans, who might also be interested in reading John Kerry's book THE NEW SOLDIER and the three chapters from John O'Neill's book UNFIT FOR COMMAND.

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