Don Bendell

Without breaking, a bald eagle egg rolled down a cliff out into the prairie and landed right in the nest of a prairie chicken. It was soon hatched and the adoptive eagle was raised with its new family of little prairie chickens as one of their own, with none of the birds the wiser. One day, his adoptive father stopped the line of chicks as the biological father of the eaglet sailed high overhead. The prairie chicken dad warned them not to move lest they might be eaten.

Afterwards the eaglet said, "Dad, Dad, did you see the power, the majesty, the symmetry of that great bird? What was it? I wish I could be one of those birds!"

The adoptive dad said, "That was an eagle, and you simply can forget it! You are just a prairie chicken!"

Kerry's gaggle, which includes most of the press and cackling hens of Hollywood, keep insisting that President Bush is a "chicken-hawk." Hardly. George W. Bush has conducted himself like an eagle amidst a flock of eye-gouging, flesh-picking, back-biting buzzards. You see, when a storm rages, an eagle will fly right into the eye of the storm and allow the swirling winds to carry them higher and higher, until they emerge above the doom-filled clouds below where all the other birds are getting drenched, huddling together in frightened masses. Eagles do not fly in flocks. They only come one or two at a time and are a great and majestic bird, Biblically-chosen by God as the greatest of all the creatures of the air.

Admittedly, George W. Bush is no parrot, macaw, or cockatiel, but after-all, those birds simply mimic the words of others anyway. So would we rather follow one who memorizes favorite words and phrases, or the mighty-winged eagle, better able to calmly and firmly lead us through the oncoming storms ahead? And, if we must fight against other birds of prey, should we not fly there and face them at their own carrion-riddled nests afar, instead of being attacked again at our own hallowed and peaceful aerie?

John F. Kerry can wear the plumage of a peacock, but that does not make him an eagle. He struts around with the personality of a penguin, with nary a feather ruffled or out of place, but that does not make him an eagle. Like a sparrow with no definitive course of action, John Kerry is tossed about by winds that blow one direction, until a stronger current sends him helplessly off on a different flight. He surprisingly was once an albatross for a brief period of time and actually swooped down and grabbed a deadly sea snake, but he soon returned to the safety of his flock and squawked loudly at all the birds of prey claiming, that he was actually a dove in eagle's plumage.

The bald eagle is the symbol of America's great freedom, strength, and independence. And in that image, George W. Bush has chosen to spread his mighty wings and carry us all to safety, while the pretender squawks.

You see, there is one big difference between that want-to-be eagle John F. Kerry and a buzzard: One has long spindly legs, a wrinkled ugly face, large beak, and tears away at the flesh and bones of defenseless corpses ... and the other one can fly.

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