Mark Alexander

Mark Alexander is Executive Editor and Publisher of The Patriot Post the Web's "Voice of Essential Liberty". His strong academic vitae in constitutional government and policy combined with his real-world occupational experience ensure his contributions as an essayist and analyst reflect the grassroots conservatism of the heartland, rather than the ubiquitous Beltway news and opinion.

Alexander attributes the character-rich content of his columns to the ethics and values modeled and instilled by his parents, the timeless traits of duty, honor, discernment, courage, personal responsibility, citizenship, generosity and compassion. He was raised to live the "third person" principle: God first, others second and self third — and notes that he "sometimes, by the grace of God, manages to conduct his life in that order."

Typical of many in his generation, Alexander learned the merits of hard work and civic responsibility early. His elementary school afternoons were spent sorting and delivering groceries for a local produce store, and summers mowing lawns. At age 13, he became his community's youngest volunteer firefighter, and completed EMT training at 16. In high school, he learned about publishing as a print-shop apprentice for a manufacturing plant. At age 19, he completed certification from a state police academy and worked four years as a uniformed patrolman while completing his undergraduate degree.

Alexander's heritage is Scots-Irish, but he objects to "hyphenated Americanism." His is among the "First Families" of Tennessee, having settled in East Tennessee prior to statehood (1796). He is the product of a proud military legacy, including veterans of the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812 and the War Between the States (the "right" side of each, of course). He is a descendant of WWI and WWII Navy aviators. His Father was a Corsair pilot and his uncles were also WWII vets, one Army and one Marine. Placing a high premium on that heritage, Alexander volunteered for military service in 1979 during the Iran hostage crisis, but his aspiration to become a Marine Aviator was cut short due to a disqualifying injury suffered while a police officer.

Alexander earned graduate degrees in both psychology and public affairs, and is the recipient of prestigious national certifications from both military and civilian professional advancement programs. He is a graduate of the National Defense University and regularly participates in national security forums at the Air and Naval War Colleges. He has been an observer for Operation Red Flag and on the USS Ronald Reagan (CVN76) in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

In 1986, Alexander received an executive level reserve appointment to a national security post under President Ronald Reagan, and was reappointed to that post under President George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush. He resigned that appointment when Barack Obama was reelected.

Between 1987 and 1994, Alexander consulted with presidential and congressional campaigns on topics ranging from critical national security interests to position statements on the First, Second and Tenth Amendments. He was instrumental in the election of outstanding Tennessee conservatives.

In 1996, concerned about the degradation of our nation's political and social institutions under the Clinton regime, and the virtual monopoly of the mainstream media's influence on public opinion, Alexander merged his historical, political and national security experience, and launched The Federalist — now published as The Patriot Post. He did so foreseeing a day when the Internet would overtake the print and television media as a primary source for news, policy and opinion, and estimating its influence on public opinion would grow accordingly.

Alexander assembled an impressive National Advisory Committee and recruited an editorial staff of constitutional constructionists to craft The Patriot's timeless message of individual Liberty, its advocacy for the restoration of constitutional limits on government and the judiciary, and its promotion of free enterprise, national defense and traditional American values, as outlined in our Statement of Principles.

The Patriot's readers include high-level policymakers in the executive and legislative branches, leaders in state and local government, and key thinkers in the community of conservative research and academic policy organizations. But The Patriot's objective is primarily to serve as an indispensable resource for "grass-top" leaders across the nation, who use our content as a force multiplier, a source of critical information and inspiration for their grassroots constituencies.

In order to ensure The Patriot would be free of charge for military personnel around the world and their families, and our ranks of student readers, our annual mission and operations budget is funded solely by the voluntary financial support of our fellow Patriots — those who have the means and ability.

The Patriot is not sustained by any political, special interest or parent organization, and we accept no third party advertising, to ensure our editorial commentary and analysis is not compromised. Consequently, our pages are free of advertising clutter.

Though The Patriot Post is regularly quoted in print and online venues across the nation, our in-house analysis is published under pseudonyms, in order to protect the identity of our analysts who are dually employed in sensitive occupations. As was the case with The Federalist (Papers) in 1787, The Patriot Post as a whole, is published under the pseudonym "Publius," and our editors and advisors publish likewise.

Because of The Patriot's outstanding growth in readership across the nation and across the political spectrum, friends and foes have called Alexander both a political missionary and mercenary, respectively.

Alexander is a Life Member of the Naval Institute and Air Force Association, and supporting member of their academic foundations. He is a Life Member of the National Rifle Association and a professional member of other military, intelligence and law enforcement associations. He serves on the boards of several companies, policy centers and Christian ministries, and on national advisory boards, including the National Medal of Honor Heritage Center. He is a Heritage Foundation Associate, a member of the Council for National Policy and United Way's Tocqueville Society. He has held leadership positions with the Boy Scouts of America as an Executive Council Member and Troop leader.

Alexander and his family reside in the eastern mountains of the Great State of Tennessee.