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Right Hooks

Darn Straight We're Keeping the 'Stupid Tax'

Harry Reid's bizarre stand.

Sep. 26, 2013

“We want a clean CR,” Senate Leader Harry Reid announced today. “That’s what we’re going to get. If they want to shut down the government, here’s how much time they have to figure it out,” he said, pointing to a doomsday government shutdown clock.

Asked if Democrats would even ascent to repealing the medical device tax found in ObamaCare – a provision even a majority of Democrats support repealing – “No, they can play around all they want. Some of the biggest supporters for doing away with the stupid tax – I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that – doing away with that tax have told me they will not support that on CR.”

Make no mistake: Reid will go to the mat to defend a “stupid tax.” And he calls Tea Party folks “fanatics.”

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