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Schultz on O'Care's 'Free Market'

The MSNBC host doesn't exactly "get it."

Oct. 3, 2013


MSNBC’s Ed Schultz on ObamaCare: “Now, the fact is, there isn’t a business on the face of the earth that doesn’t start without a glitch. What is a glitch? What do you consider a glitch? The biggest glitch would be people would be denied. I don’t consider a 1-800 number you’re not being able to get through a glitch. I would call that success. Because there’s six months to do this. If I were calling 1-800 today, 1-800-318-2596, and if I had to wait on the line for half an hour I’d probably say, well I got other things I gotta do with my time, I got six more months to figure this thing out, I’ll get back to ‘em. And I would pay attention to just the phone traffic and I would try from time to time to get on. Eventually I know, I’d have confidence that I would get on. Is that a glitch? No! That’s the free market working is what that is!”

So mandatory purchase of government-approved insurance is the “free market”? Who knew?

Oh, and by the way, he might want to look at the words spelled by that 800 number

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