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Right Hooks

Bad News for ObamaCare Costs

So much for being "affordable."

Jan. 14, 2014

The White House boasted this week that one out of four Americans now enrolled in ObamaCare is aged 18-34 (assuming they’re paid up). That’s great except ObamaCare depends on 39% of enrollees being young and healthy to make the system appear to work. Unless that mix dramatically improves by the March 31 deadline, premiums will go up even further to make up the difference. In related news, the CBO estimates that ObamaCare’s caps on insurance-borne claims and bailouts for insurance losses will mean a transfer of $1.071 trillion from taxpayers to insurance companies over the next decade. Not to mention 79% of enrollees are currently getting subsidies. And Democrats had the audacity to call it the “Affordable” Care Act.

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