Right Hooks

Godwin's Law in Kentucky

Just like beating the Nazis.

Jan. 17, 2014

Mitch McConnell’s Democrat challenger, Kentucky secretary of state Alison Lundergan Grimes, got some “help” on the stump this week from state representative Greg Stumbo. Beating McConnell, said Stumbo, reminds him “of the feeling our troops must have had when they liberated the European nations following World War II.” Furthermore, he told the audience, “[Y]ou’re about to liberate your state from the worst reign of misabuse [sic] that we’ve seen in the last 30 years.” McConnell doesn’t reign over anything; the Nazis conquered Europe. McConnell hasn’t killed anyone; the Nazis murdered millions. McConnell isn’t racist – he’s in an interracial marriage; the Nazis were quite racist. McConnell is right wing; the Nazis were Socialists. No troops will be required to vote against McConnell; millions of soldiers died fighting the Nazis. But other than that, beating McConnell is just like liberating Europe.

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