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Should 'Ruthless' Clinton Be President?

The "inevitable" nominee's qualifications actually fall woefully short.

Feb. 13, 2014

This week’s Washington Free Beacon report on the so-called Hillary papers created quite a stir about the presumptive 2016 Democrat presidential nominee. The Leftmedia would rather not report on the papers at all, and they in fact didn’t for four years. The papers, notes based on conversations with Clinton by longtime friend Diane Blair, were actually made public in 2010. But the Free Beacon story shouldn’t be ignored, so now the Leftmedia is circling the wagons around their once and future queen, attempting to frame the story as trash coming from a right-wing chop shop pursuing an “anti-Clinton” agenda.

The papers reveal quite a bit about Clinton’s psyche and her ruthlessly ambitious personality, but more importantly they resurrect a number of issues worthy of debate. Clinton has spent most of her political career as a shoo-in for the presidency, so long that it seems that few people have actually done a hard examination of just what exactly makes her fit for the office. It’s not HillaryCare, which was an epic failure in 1993, made more plain by the fact that we’re living with the wreckage that ObamaCare has created. It’s not her time as senator from New York, an unremarkable term that was nothing more than a transparent attempt to position her for a 2008 presidential run. And it’s certainly not her role as secretary of state, which figures largely in America’s severely diminished role as a world leader and will ultimately be remembered for the still-unfolding Benghazi scandal.

But in the end, to borrow a phrase, what difference does all this make?

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus noted that if Hillary Clinton runs in 2016, “everything’s on the table.” As it should be. Clinton inserted herself into the public debate from the very launch of her husband’s 1992 presidential campaign. Neither she nor her acolytes should expect her to get a pass on anything, though they will attempt to dismiss it all as part of an “anti-Clinton” agenda – or a “vast right-wing conspiracy,” if you will. But maybe, just maybe, people will be able to look at Hillary Clinton’s long political journey and realize that there is nothing there that makes the case for her being president of the United States.

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