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No Two Sides to Climate Debate?

CNN proclaims global warming settled science.

Feb. 26, 2014

CNN’s Brian Stelter proclaimed climate change settled science and chastised those who even give skeptics the time of day. “Some stories don’t have two sides,” he explained. “Some stories are simply true. … One of these is climate change. Depending on which study or which expert you consult, between 95% and 97% of scientists agree that climate change is happening now, that it’s damaging the planet, and that it’s man-made.” Therefore, “why does television news too often feel compelled to stage debates between those who represent the 97% and those who represent the fringe?” he wondered. Actually, a recent AMS survey revealed that 50% of atmospheric scientists reject the notion of man-made global warming, and those that fell for this hoax usually lean toward leftist ideology. Secondly, why is the Left basing their religion on climate models that boast a pathetic 5% success rate?

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