Right Hooks

Opposing Natural Gas Exports

Greens pressure Obama.

Mar. 20, 2014

One of the best things the U.S. could do to make Russia’s acquisition of Crimea a bit more painful is to increase liquid natural gas (LNG) exports to Europe. So obviously that means it’s time for envirofascists here to ramp up their opposition to such a move. A coalition of greens is pressuring Barack Obama to reject pending applications for LNG export terminals in order to “protect the environment.” Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune opined, “Building a new LNG terminal doesn’t strengthen our nation, and it further disrupts our climate.” That’s funny because just five years ago the Sierra Club was all about natural gas being the “next-cleanest fuel” to renewables. But whatever. Given the choice between countering Russia and appeasing green groups, it’s almost a sure bet the White House will go green.

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