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Maryland Exchange Dumped

$125 million thrown in the Chesapeake.

Apr. 2, 2014

Monday marked the perpetual deadline for ObamaCare enrollment, though you still technically have a couple more weeks to sign up because, just like clockwork, Healthcare.gov greeted many applicants with several untimely “ER” visits of its own. To be fair, though, the federal exchange is hardly alone in the never-ending saga of ACA disasters. Maryland’s exchange is so flawed that officials are giving up trying to improve its functionality and are instead moving to implement technology from Connecticut’s system. According to Gov. Martin O'Malley, “Our launch did not go as we had planned; our launch failed.” That’s putting it mildly – all told, more than $125 million was wasted on the state’s now ditched Maryland Health Connection. One official said the federal government “will be paying a good part of” the additional costs to develop the new website system, estimated at around $50 million. Considering Connecticut’s own issues, there’s no guarantee it’ll work any better.

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