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Clinton Is 'Thinking' About It

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Apr. 10, 2014

Is Hillary Clinton running for president in 2016? Is the sky blue on a clear day? Naturally, she’s playing coy about it at this stage, but it’s almost a given. “I am obviously flattered and deeply honored to have people ask me, and people encourage me. And I am thinking about it,” she said. “But I’m going to continue to think about it for a while. And part of it is because the hard questions are not: ‘Do you wanna be president?’ ‘Can you win?’ The hard questions are, ‘Why would you wanna do this?’ and ‘What can you offer?’ I ponder all that but I’m not going to make a decision for a while.” Barack Obama’s two victories answer the “can she win” question. And she’s wanted it since at least 1992. As for what she offers, not much. The descendent of HillaryCare is now law, and she had an unremarkable career in the Senate, while her tenure at the State Department can be regarded as both failure and disaster. So the real question is, is she the best Democrats can do?

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