Right Hooks

The Next Bundy Ranch?

New Mexico ranchers battle BLM.

May 12, 2014

For a second time, ranchers are resisting the federal government’s overreach of power. Earlier this year, the Forest Service fenced off a creek in Otero County, New Mexico, to protect the meadow jumping mouse. However, ranchers have a right to the water, and Otero’s county commission is discussing whether to order its sheriff to open the gates against the Forest Service’s wishes. Blair Dunn, a lawyer who represents the county, said, “It’s not just the Forest Service. Since the beginning of the year on a lot of issues – Endangered Species Act issues, federal land-management issues, easements and use of federally controlled property – we’ve seen federal agencies become extremely defiant toward any sort of local input and extremely adverse to allowing people to continue to use things they’ve used in some instances for 100 years.” At last check, mice can’t vote. The federal government needs to back down. Peacefully. More…

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