Right Hooks

Atheist Chaplains?

Tony Perkins on the revived effort.

May 14, 2014

Tony Perkins: “Tuesday, in a meeting with Navy officials (MAFT), the organization [Military Association of Atheists and Free Thinkers] tried to persuade at least one military branch of the need to give atheists their own pulpit. … Of course, the fact that the Navy is even entertaining the idea of creating non-faith faith leaders is a sign of how absurd this debate about religious liberty has become. By definition, a chaplain’s duties are to offer prayer, spiritual counseling, and religious instruction. If that doesn’t disqualify a non-believer, I’m not sure what would! In reality, what secularists are angling for is a position of greater influence. If the military were to expand the chaplaincy to atheists, it would give anti-Christian extremists an even greater opportunity to sanitize the military – this time, from inside the chaplain corps. Let’s hope the Navy sees through this ridiculous ploy and torpedoes it before MAFT does real damage.”

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