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Student Suspended Over T-Shirt

Depicted AR-15.

May 14, 2014

18-year-old Eagle Scout Chris Borg of Hinsdale Central High School became the latest victim of zero tolerance after receiving a one-day suspension. His egregious crime? He refused to change a t-shirt depicting an AR-15 upon a school official’s request. “I decided to go home for the day because I felt it was a infringement of my First Amendment right to freedom of expression,” he said during an appeal to the school board. The school’s dress code bans apparel “deemed vulgar, inappropriate, unsafe or disruptive to the educational process (e.g., advertising/display of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sexual innuendo).” The only ones disrupted were the Thought Police. Borg points out, “Pictures of firearms can be found in our history textbooks, but you don’t see people freaking out about that.” At least not yet. There was a time not too long ago when students brought real firearms and archery equipment to school for classes in firearm safety and marksmanship. More…

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