Right Hooks

IRS Backs Down

Almost everyone applauds the move.

May 23, 2014

The IRS scrapped its proposed regulatory rewrite for how it handles tax-exempt groups like the Tea Party and Patriot groups it targeted. In February, the IRS unveiled its proposed rules, but instead of fixing the problem, the IRS simply codified the bullying of groups that ideologically disagree with the administration. It was a move nearly everyone opposed – from the Sierra club to Tea Party groups to the ACLU. The Washington Times reports the IRS gave no timetable for when it will release a new proposal. Rep. Dave Camp (R-MI) said, “The American people spoke out loud and clear against it, and hopefully the IRS and the Obama administration will think twice before ever trying to go down this path again.” But there is one group that dislikes the IRS’s move: Democrats perched on Capitol Hill who want to silence big-time donors like the Koch brothers. With their own base applauding the move, you can see who the statists’ real masters are – themselves. More…

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