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Attacking a Rape Victim

Hillary Clinton's past.

Jun. 17, 2014

The Washington Free Beacon discovered early 1980s audio of Hillary Clinton describing a big criminal case in her career. The Beacon reports, “In 1975, the same year she married Bill, Hillary Clinton agreed to serve as the court-appointed attorney for Thomas Alfred Taylor, a 41-year-old accused of raping [a 12-year-old girl] after luring her into a car.” In the audio, she virtually admitted she knew her client was guilty, including saying, “I had him take a polygraph, which he passed – which forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs.” No question, it is the duty of defense attorneys to represent their clients fairly, even if the client is guilty. But in the course of winning a plea deal for her client by casting doubt on evidence, she viciously attacked the reputation of the 12-year-old, saying she was “emotionally unstable” and had a “tendency to seek out older men and engage in fantasizing.” Furthermore, Clinton said the girl had “in the past made false accusations about persons” and that she “exhibits an unusual stubbornness and temper when she does not get her way.” The last two are true of Clinton herself. Is this the kind of person Democrats want leading the charge against the supposed “war on women”? More…

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