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DHS Released 600 Illegal Immigrant Criminals

Aug. 13, 2014

The Obama administration released 2,226 illegal immigrants last year. The Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general released a report showing the department released illegal immigrants before the February 2013 sequestration, even though 617 of them were convicted of crimes and fell under the category of “mandatory detention.” The Daily Signal writes, “The report provides a scathing portrayal of budget mismanagement and flawed processes at the highest levels inside the nation’s immigration enforcement agency.” The move may have been politically motivated, or it could simply be a bumbling move from DHS. At the very least, it shows the problem at the border does not rest solely at the feet of Barack Obama’s polices but also incompetency (surprise!) with federal regulators. At worst, it could show DHS using criminals and the security of American citizens as pawns in the Left’s political games. More…

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