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Sharpton Speaks Platitudes in Ferguson

Aug. 18, 2014

The Rev. Al Sharpton swooped into Ferguson, Missouri, to address the shooting of Michael Brown and call for justice. While looting and rioting caused Sharpton to change his plans, he did little to calm the city and work towards a solution. “Some are angry and out of control,” he said of the violence, not naming names. “And others are taking advantage of it. … Don’t loot in Michael’s name. We are not looters, we’re liberators. We are not burners. We are builders. Ferguson and Michael Brown Jr. will be a defining moment on how this country deals with policing and the rights of citizens to address how police behave in this country.” It makes no sense to say breaking the law will change how the law will be enforced for the better. This sounds like it won’t turn out too well. More…

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