Right Hooks

Before We Praise Rick Perry

Aug. 20, 2014
Gov. Rick Perry's mugshot

The indictment against Texas Gov. Rick Perry shows the governor has a Texas-sized presence in the field of 2016 presidential hopefuls. But before we all fall behind the politician with enough guts to walk into Travis County courthouse to get booked, we need to note how conservatives in his own state regard him. According to The Washington Examiner, many regard their governor with caution. Katrina Pierson, a Tea Partier who ran unsuccessfully for a House seat, thinks the skeletons from Perry’s political career will fall from the closet. “When this goes to trial, are we indeed going to find corruption? I think the answer is yes,” Pierson said. Founder of the Grassroots Texan Network Ken Emanuelson said, “I would feel uncomfortable stepping out publicly and saying that I’m confident that there’s no reason to think that Rick Perry’s been involved in cronyism. I really believe the opposite is true.” Perry is a politician – let the buyer beware. More…

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