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Inspectors General Grow More Frustrated With Obama Admin

Aug. 26, 2014

Ed Feulner: “Earlier this month, 47 of the federal government’s 73 watchdogs filed a formal complaint about the ‘serious limitations’ the Obama administration places on their ability to uncover waste, fraud and abuse. … The administration is always quick to dismiss any focus on the Internal Revenue Service targeting conservatives, the Benghazi attack or the Justice Department investigating reporters, as ‘phony scandals.’ They want us to believe they’re baseless distractions. We’re supposed to take this on faith. Why not provide the information necessary to prove their point? Why not open the files so we can see for ourselves? … Ironically, the inspectors general wouldn’t even exist if not for a 1978 law that came in the wake of the Watergate scandal – a law designed to prevent future cover-ups. … This isn’t a matter of politics. Government secrecy strikes at the very heart of how our system of government is designed. Transparency is essential to a free society.”

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