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A Tea Party Group's Untold Story of Humility in Ferguson

Aug. 28, 2014

The rioting in Ferguson, Missouri, following the death of Michael Brown left many small business owners in a mess. But the humbled St. Louis Tea Party took it upon themselves to show compassion and dispel a stereotype erroneously cast on them by the Leftmedia. Tea Party News Network’s Jennifer Burke explains, “[T]here are many people in this world who will reach out to help a fellow American in need, regardless of color. That is precisely what the St. Louis Tea Party did on August 21. The pro-Constitution, pro-freedom Americans organized a BUYcott in Ferguson. There were no rallies. There were no speeches. There were no signs. There were no bumper stickers being handed it. This was simply neighbors from a nearby town getting together to help those whose businesses, many of them black owned businesses, had been ransacked, looted, and, for many, destroyed during the Ferguson riots.” Their kindness, welcomed and deeply appreciated by locals, is the rule – not the exception – shown by all Tea Party affiliates. That’s a far different message than the one portrayed by race hustlers. More…

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