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John Lennon Helped Forge Immigration Policies

Sep. 4, 2014

Thank John Lennon for the Obama administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which helped thousands of Central American children mob the border earlier this year. It’s yet another thing that can be blamed on rock ‘n’ roll. The United States sought to deport the former guitar-picker for the Beatles on a marijuana charge. But Lennon’s lawyer, Leon Wildes, showed Immigration and Naturalization Service used its own discretion on who stayed and who was deported. The case forced INS to adopt guidelines on who it would deport. Leon Wildes said, “Any agency which is so huge has to be concerned how they spend their money and what they concentrate on and they shouldn’t be deporting people who are here for 25 years and never did anything really wrong. So that is the message that we got from representing John Lennon.” And this is why people like pop-singer Justin Bieber can stay in the U.S. More…

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