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Marriage Rate in Steep Decline

Sep. 18, 2014

After crunching the latest Census Bureau data, a Pew Research Center analysis found a continued decline in the percentage of Americans tying the knot. “[T]he marriage rate of Americans 18 and older hit a bottom of 50.3 percent in 2013, down from 50.5 percent in 2012,” representing at least a 93-year low, writes the Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard. “In 1920, the first year mentioned, 65 percent were married, and the marriage rate hit a high of 72.2 percent in 1960.” Interestingly, the study “for the first time counted same-sex spouses along with all other married couples,” notes Pew’s D'Vera Cohn. But “despite the new additions, [there was] no reversal in the long-term national decline in marriage.” That’s not quite so surprising considering that, thanks to a massive Leftmedia PR campaign, support for same-sex marriage is far higher than the number of persons who consider themselves homosexual. Regardless, whether we’re talking about a greater number living in cohabitation or accepting homosexuality, it’s clear more Americans continue to shove traditional norms. That’s not a recipe for success if we are to change our increasingly dysfunctional culture. More…

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