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Enemies Populate UN Security Council

Oct. 17, 2014

Venezuela gained a temporary seat on the UN Security Council to represent Latin America. Turkey, a complicated ally in the fight against ISIL, did not gain a seat. The UN Security Council is a frustrating organization on the stage of world events. In May, when the world wanted to move against Bashar al-Assad as evidence surfaced of his systematic torture and killing of his citizens, Russia and China vetoed the proposal before the Security Council. United States Ambassador to the UN Samantha Powers said in a statement, “Unfortunately, Venezuela’s conduct at the U.N. has run counter to the spirit of the U.N. Charter, and its violations of human rights at home are at odds with the Charter’s letter. The United States will continue to call upon the government of Venezuela to respect the fundamental freedoms and universal human rights of its people.” Meanwhile, expect no success and only hardship from the UN Security Council – the very organization Obama looks to for approval when he prances out onto the stage of world events with his golf club. More…

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