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DC Police Barely Implement Handgun Permitting

Oct. 24, 2014

The District of Columbia is not ready to accept residents applying for a handgun permit. While DC’s Metropolitan Police Department started accepting applications Oct. 22 because the courts declared the DC handgun ban unconstitutional, the police department has not certified the handgun safety instructors needed to certify the citizens wishing to bear arms. George Lyon, the DC resident who helped bring the suit that rolled back the handgun ban, said it costs instructors hundreds of dollars to become certified to teach in DC. “This is another example of them making the process as difficult and expensive as possible. It’s definitively an inhibition. Maryland does it for nothing, and DC has to charge $435?” The citizens themselves face their own stonewalling from the DC police. In an addition to $161 in fees, they have to “demonstrate a special danger to the applicant’s life,” and living in a high-crime area doesn’t make the cut. More…

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