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Museum Removes Guns From Exhibit Over Vague Law

Nov. 20, 2014

A Washington State museum is returning all the guns in its World War II exhibit to the owners because a newly passed gun-control bill does not specify whether or not the museum falls under the rule of Initiative 594, a law that expands the background check requirement in that state when guns are transferred. The Lynden Pioneer Museum has not received clarification on whether or not the firearms in their care – including a anti-tank rifle and a Johnson M1941 – needed to be transferred with a background check. Instead of fighting the law, they are returning the guns. Washington State Attorney Bob Ferguson said, “To date, there have not been any lawsuits filed against I-594, nor has our office received any opinion requests. At this point we have no interpretations of the initiative to offer to the public beyond the text of the measure itself.” Under vague gun laws, law-abiding citizens don’t know whether or not they are made lawbreakers with a stroke of a pen. And the world looses access to some historic weaponry. More…

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