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Obama to Pick Carter to Mind the DoD Store

Dec. 3, 2014

Yesterday, we noted Barack Obama’s difficulties in choosing a new secretary of defense to replace Chuck Hagel. Well, it now seems the likely nominee is former Deputy Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter. Though Carter is considered to be an aggressive and independent thinker, and he said, “I do not think they are looking for someone more aggressive and independent,” he may have been the last person standing. But he’s a technocrat who The Wall Street Journal speculates won’t “do much more than mind the store while the White House conducts its meandering foreign policy.” As even The Washington Post observes, “Obama has had a difficult relationship with the military and his defense secretaries, who have often questioned his passion and commitment to the military’s mission.” Indeed, Obama’s only mission is knocking the U.S. down a few pegs, in part by stubbornly “ending” the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq without a sound strategic plan. That allowed ISIL to rise and flourish, leaving Carter with quite the mess to clean up – if he’s allowed to.

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