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There Is No Amnesty Order, but So What?

Dec. 12, 2014

Did Barack Obama actually sign an executive order on immigration? No. Does it matter? No. Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt explains, “The straight answer is that he has a series of memos that has been prepared for him by various components of the executive branch. They are acting on that. Field offices and individuals in ICE are acting on the authority of those memos. There isn’t an executive order per se.” Pruitt is involved in the lawsuit brought by several states against Obama’s action. He continued, “I think that as far as the action the president has taken, we know what his instructions have been to those agencies. We know the violations that have occurred by virtue of those instructions, but it is not in the form of an executive order. It is not necessary for a legal challenge. I think it is only necessary to provide a summary of what the president has done. But here we don’t have an executive order specifically. … There is no executive order but it doesn’t effect the ability of the states to bring the action.” Slick move for a guy leading the “most transparent administration in history.” More…

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