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ISIL Has Gained Ground Since U.S. Began Airstrikes

Jan. 16, 2015

Last week, the Pentagon declared it “blunted the momentum” of ISIL, thanks to its airstrikes. It was a bold claim, coming from an administration that claimed it did it all without a single army boot touching the ground. Now, the Institute for the Study of War and the Coalition for a Democratic Syria are contradicting the Pentagon’s narrative. Not only did the U.S. fail to stop ISIL, but since the U.S. started its bombing runs above ISIL positions, ISIL has gained more ground than it lost. CDS created a map for the Daily Beast showing ISIL’s dramatic expansion in Syria from August to January. Political advisor for CDS Mouz Moustafa told the Daily Beast, “Assessing the map, ISIS has almost doubled its territorial control in Syria. But more importantly, the number of people who now live under ISIS control has also increased substantially.” That’s more people ISIL subjugates to its violent oppression. What does Obama think now of his temporary peace? Sure, it got Americans out of Iraq, but it left a world of violence behind. More…

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