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Biden: How About Four Free Years of College?

Jan. 30, 2015

Two years of “free” college recently became a signature proposal for Barack Obama’s so-called “middle-class economics.” Well, that’s not good enough for Joe Biden – he wants four years free. “We’ve been ahead of the curve, except now people are catching up,” Biden explained. “No other country in the world had universal education for 12 years, including Great Britain, for the first quarter of the century, and only until recently have they started that in China and other countries. Nobody has the great research universities we have.” He added, “So what’s the next logical move to stay ahead of the curve? 14 years. If I had my way, and could figure out how to pay for it, there should be 16 years; college should be free.” Even when Democrats make these pitches, though, they can’t help but acknowledge that it isn’t at all “free.” The only obstacle Biden lists is figuring out how to pay for it. Do we hear a 2016 platform taking shape?

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