Right Hooks

Beware the Flintlock Gangs of New Jersey

Feb. 17, 2015

New Jersey is throwing the book at retired teacher Gordon van Gilder. During a recent traffic stop, Gilder told the police officer searching his car that he had a pistol in the glove compartment of his vehicle – an unloaded flintlock manufactured in the mid-1700s. The next day, the police department showed up at Gilder’s home in force and arrested him. Now, Gilder faces a 10-year sentence in New Jersey state prison because, unlike federal law, the state makes no distinction between an antique firearm and a Saturday night special. Gilder promises to fight, saying the law is unjust. But in the meantime, he warns, “Beware of New Jersey. Don’t come here. Don’t live here.” It’s a gun law so unfair gun-grabber Michael Bloomberg should get behind its repeal. After all, he only wants to get guns out of the hands of young black and Hispanic males. As Gilder said, flintlocks are not exactly gangland’s weapons of choice.

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