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Only Now Does DHS Secretary Brings Up Terrorism Threat

Feb. 23, 2015

An African terrorist group, the al-Qaida-affiliated al Shabab, called for attacks on U.S. shopping malls, including the Mall of America in Minnesota. Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson addressed the issue, saying, “We’ve seen this a number of times now where a group will call for an attack on a country, on a specific location. So, we’ve got to be vigilant. … I am not telling people to not go to the mall. I think there needs to be an awareness. There needs to be vigilance. We’re in a new phase right now, and that involves public participation in our efforts.” So why is this news? Terrorists are known for calling for one attack or another against the West (anyone remember when al-Qaida called for jihadis to start forest fires?) and DHS has operated the See Something, Say Something campaign for years. Johnson only talks about the threat on national television because, at the end of the week, the funding for his department will dry up unless lawmakers pass a funding bill with or without monies for Barack Obama’s immigration actions. Nothing like a good crisis, eh? More…

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