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'Plenty of Reasons That Suggest Obama Might Not Love America'

Feb. 24, 2015

The Washington Post’s Ed Rogers is a “sufficiently intimidated, mostly tame Republican,” and he “won’t say” he shares Rudy Giuliani’s opinion of Barack Obama’s love of country. But Rogers also says there are “plenty of reasons that suggest Obama might not love America.” For example, he writes, “It’s easy to imagine Bill Clinton and either President Bush getting teary-eyed at the proverbial Fourth of July parade, as the veterans wave and flatbeds filled with 4-H kids roll by. It’s hard to imagine Obama in a similar situation.” Far more important than simple imagery, however, Rogers points to Obama’s “willingness to accommodate America’s traditional enemies and at times, disregard old friends, [which] has been a nagging and persistent pattern” in his presidency. Of Obama’s lecture about the Crusades, Rogers says, “It was just another example of how the president appears willing to try to understand — if not justify — the actions of those who hate America. When the president is slow to condemn our enemies, it raises doubts about what he really thinks of their case against America.” In other words, if Obama loves America, he’s not exactly offering a lot of proof. More…

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