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Months of Promises at the VA and We Have an Advisory Panel

Mar. 16, 2015

Remember when the incoming VA secretary was supposed to clean out the corruption at the Department of Veteran Affairs? Former Procter & Gamble CEO Robert McDonald, who some hoped would bring some private business acumen to the bureaucracy, killed any hope of reform in the agency when he announced this weekend that the VA formed an advisory panel to solve its customer service problem. In a statement, McDonald said, “The collective wisdom of our committee members is invaluable and each of them understands that VA must improve customer service and focus the department on the needs of our Veterans.” Well doesn’t that sound like a hurricane of fresh air that will clean out the VA. And McDonald’s boss is equally at fault. Given his view of the separation of powers, Barack Obama should whip out his pen and issue an executive order if he really cared about this problem. More…

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