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Creating a Budget Is the Best Thing This Congress Has Done

Mar. 27, 2015

After a grueling 18-hour session, the Senate adopted a budget proposal around 3 a.m. Friday through a 52-46 vote that split along party lines. The budget is different than the House’s spending plan, as it doesn’t defund ObamaCare and reform Medicare. Yet, this measure shows the Republicans in Congress actually beginning to lead. Think about it this way: If the federal government was an average American household, it hasn’t worked with a budget since 2009 and instead used credit cards and managed money on a month-to-month basis (relatively speaking). In the coming weeks, Congress will use the two spending plans to create a resolution both chambers can approve. Yesterday, Barack Obama gave an audience in Alabama his hard-hitting analysis on the GOP’s budget: “It represents the opposite of middle-class economics.” We hope so. He went on to attack Congress’ budget, saying that a little deficit is okay. He’s one to talk. Earlier this week, Obama’s proposed budget failed in the Senate on a 98-1 vote, which tells us what even Democrats think of his fiscal “leadership.” More…

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