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Obama Revises His 2008 Messianic Message on Economy

Apr. 13, 2015

During his visit to Jamaica, Barack Obama diverted attention away from his failed fiscal policies by further demonizing Wall Street and Big Business. When asked what advice he’d give to himself in 2008, Obama said he would dial back on his “Yes we can” rah rah rah: “I would have probably advised … that I might have needed to warn the American people and paint a picture for them that was more accurate about the fact that it would take some time to dig ourselves out of a very big hole. … I think I would have advised myself to do a better job spending more time not just getting the policy right, but also describing it in ways that people understood, that gave them confidence in their own future.” Translation: He would further temper his messianic save-the-economy rhetoric with even more blaming George W. Bush. There’s something noble about a leader who can only promise, as Winston Churchill did, “blood, toil, tears and sweat.” But that kind of politician advocates for personal responsibility — something Obama’s never heard of. More…

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