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Right Hooks

Police Chief Decries America's 'Fascination With Handguns'

Nate Jackson · Apr. 13, 2015

Over the weekend in Ohio, a three-year-old picked up a handgun and fatally shot a one-year-old boy. In a press conference about that tragic accident, Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams decided it was high time to take down America’s love of guns. “Everybody has to know [that] this fascination with handguns, not just in the city, but in the country, has to stop,” he lectured. “We need to take a long look at what we’re doing on the state, local and national level to keep these guns out of our communities.” As usual, those who hate guns blame the tool and, in this case, the entire pro-Second Amendment population of the U.S. That said, there’s no doubt the one who left an unsecured gun in the reach of a three-year-old was not following good safety practices, and all gun owners should be ever vigilant and diligent when it comes to exercising our rights responsibly.

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