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Clinton Foundation Decides to Keep Appearance of Impropriety

Dan Gilmore · Apr. 16, 2015

Once Hillary Clinton made her run for the White House official, the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation had to decide what it was going to do with its finances. Was it going to clamp down on who could donate to it, or keep the status quo? How would the changes affect the appearance of Clinton’s campaign? On Thursday, the board released a new policy that would continue to allow donations from the governments of Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and the United Kingdom. It would restrict the donations from other foreign governments. Still, if Hillary were to rise in the polls and, say, a Russian oligarch decided he had a change of heart, he could participate in the Clinton Global Initiative. Would Clinton, in turn, have a certain change of heart also? Furthermore, Clinton used the foundation as a way to avoid paying taxes on the fat stacks she received for speaking gigs. As Clinton progresses in her campaign trying to convince “everyday Americans” that she’s their champion, watch as the Clinton Foundation bangs around behind her everywhere she goes. Like a certain email server, the Clinton Foundation illustrates another part of Hillary’s character that makes her a terrible pick for the White House. More…

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