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Judge Suggests $135,000 Fine for Christian Bakers

Jordan Candler · Apr. 27, 2015

In February, the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries found Aaron and Melissa Klein, the former owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, guilty of discrimination for refusing to bake a wedding cake for lesbian couple Rachel Cryer and Laurel Bowman-Cryer. The Kleins explained that to do so goes against their Christian faith, but the militant “gay rights” lobby doesn’t see it that way and eventually forced the bakery to close up shop. But that wasn’t enough — the “victims” sued the bakery, and on Friday a judge ruled that the Klens’ refusal to service a same-sex wedding ceremony amounted to a $135,000 fine, though that figure may change pending a final verdict. “The proposed fine will now go to state Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian, who can either accept it or adjust the amount in issuing a final order, which is expected to arrive this summer,” Kelsey Harkness of The Daily Signal explains.

Either way, the state wants to see to it that the Kleins face potentially catastrophic consequences in addition to what they’ve already lost — both emotionally and financially. And for what? Exercising their constitutionally protected religious liberty. It’s an astounding infringement that’s at the mercy of an appeal. “I know we are talking about cake, but anybody who has watched TV recently knows that cake is more than just flour and eggs and water and sugar,” said attorney Anna Harmon, who’s optimistic an appeal can rectify the situation. “It’s designed and created, and that is what the Supreme Court has called speech.” Unfortunately, leftists believe free speech only pertains to what they agree with. Let’s pray the appeals court disagrees. More…

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